Author: Qualixx

Marketing & The Cost of Living Crisis

We find ourselves in the midst of what some might call the “Cost-of-Living Carnival.” But let’s not kid ourselves; there’s nothing amusing about it unless you’re into financial masochism. In this blog post, we’re rolling up our sleeves and diving headfirst into the tangled web of how this wallet-wrecking rollercoaster is forcing businesses to completely […]

Neil Pike Architects

Over the past few months, we’ve been working with Neil Pike Architects – an established architect firm who’ve planned developments all across the UK, and across the pond near Lake Michigan and Ohio. They came to Qualixx hoping to expand on their current positive word-of-mouth reputation by scaling up their social media presence and SEO […]

Goal Get It

Goal Get It came to us as a complete new start-up, with the aim of promoting productivity through a priority to-do list app – that helped to prioritise short-term goals, but remind users of lifetime goals and in turn, provide advice and support in how to get there. Firstly, we worked with an insights and […]

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